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The Presidential election was barely over and speculation began if Senator Hillary Clinton would run for President in 2016. The media, political commentary writers, editorial writers, political chat enthusiast, and those that debate on political forum discussion topics have all speculated about Hillary running for President. It has been a leading topic of both Democrats and Republicans as well as all political pundits. Hillary has jumped into the race for President and will be the focus of the primaries and the Presidential election of 2016.
The question for all political pundits and voters alike has been answered, Hillary is running for President. Explore the possibilities.
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Poll: Will Hillary be nominated for President?
Do you want Hillary to win and be nominated for President? Think of the possibilities. It would be the first women for a Presidential nominated by a major political party. It would also be the first time a husband and wife were nominees for President. President Bill Clinton would also be the first, first man and because he was the President he would be the first that would have more time in the White House than his 2 terms of 8 years as President since FDR. 

Will Hillary be nominated for President?
Yes, you go girl, I'm with you.
No, she is too controversial.
Not sure, we need to know more.
Yes she will be nominated but it's a bad choice other Democrats are better.
No, she won't win the nomination but it will be exciting.

For Democrats, to support Hillary raises many questions. One is, will she win the nomination and if so will she present the best chance to win the Presidential election against the Republican and after 2 terms of Obama .
For Republicans, the issue of Hillary running for President leads to many hair raising factors. Many want Hillary to run believing she is vulnerable in a general election to what ever candidate Republicans choose for their nominee. But be careful what you ask for, you may get it - is an age old saying that fits in politics more than any other endeavor. It's true Hillary is a controversial figure and will generate many votes against her for President, but she is also supported by Democrats and liberals that have supported her for Senate as well as when she was first lady. Traditionally, first ladies build a large reservoir of support and respect. Just as likely, people will be motivated on each side, some working hard to oppose her and some to help elect Hillary President.
If Hillary is likely to win the nomination for President for the Democrats in relatively easy fashion; it is a big advantage to rap up a nomination quickly to get started on the general election. If Republicans can't unite behind one person fast Hillary will have a running start to take a lead in the Presidential polls and election. Hillary Clinton running is historic for many reasons such as being the first women to run and be nominated for President. And being a Presidential candidate of any major party places those select few in the history books for all time, win or lose.
Hillary for President?
Democrats are most interested in winning and one most important factor in picking a nominee who will have the best chance to win the election in 2016. One problem is she is controversial to many. Right or wrong some people don't like her and many consider her as dishonest and lacking warmth of personality. Also, President Clinton had detractors that pushed impeachment for his affair with Monica and lying under oath and abuse of women. She has indeed stayed with Bill no matter what was revealed or said about him. . She has won praise for her stead fast support for her husband Bill Clinton and kept their marriage together through tough times. Hillary has also won praise for raising her daughter Chelsea who had to deal with the rumors about her father and Monica. Not an easy thing for a young girl to face.
Hillary for President?
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Then there is Hillary's email scandal where she hide a server and emails, many containing classified material that would land most people doing that in jail. Also, Hillary has been proven to have lied about Benghazi where 4 people were murdered under her watch at Secretary of State.

Hillary has a lot of support from feminist groups and people in the liberal side of the Democratic party but is challenged from the socialist side by Bernie Sanders. It's also unknown if Obama would be a supporter of her or Sanders.